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Barricade AI utilizes AI technology to automatically convert body camera footage into high quality reports, ensuring compliance with best-in-class standards and state and federal laws.

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Embrace The Future Of
Policing With Barricade AI

Personal Assistant

Acts as a personal assistant, streamlining administrative tasks and enhancing efficiency for officers in the field.

User Friendly Interface

Provides real-time analysis of body camera footage, allowing for immediate action and response to incidents as they occur.

Compliance Assurance

Offers enhanced training opportunities for officers, enabling them to learn from past incidents and improve their performance.


Hours saved per month


Faster than existing methods


Time saved for each report

Move faster with Barricade AI

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Accelerated Reporting

Say goodbye to the hours spent manually transcribing and formatting body camera footage. Barricade's AI technology swiftly processes the data and generates comprehensive reports, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks.

Instant Accessibility

No more sifting through stacks of paperwork or searching through digital files.

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Reduced Human Error

Minimize the risk of human error and inconsistencies in reporting.

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Your trusted partner in law enforcement

Ensuring the safety of your data while seamlessly integrating into your existing systems. Leveraging AI technology to revolutionize how you handle and report incidents.

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